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Resources for SFMC Email Developers

SFMC Object Finder Chrome Extension
This is a very useful chrome extension that can be used to search and locate Data Extensions, Email, Content Area, Email Template, Query Activities, User Initiated Definitions, Data Filter Definitions and Automations. I use this Chrome extension a lot and I recommend all Marketing Cloud professionals to add this extension to their browser.

Email Countdown Timer
If you work for a retail company, you will be required to build countdown timers in emails for special shopping events like Black Friday, Boxing Day etc. While it is easier to build the functionality on Website landing pages, it is not that simple in case of emails. There are a lot of applications that offer free and paid services and let you configure the timer and add in your email via a script as a GIF image. I have used Sendtric several times in the past and have found it simple to use and very accurate. Even the free version works perfectly fine and I have used it for campaigns that were sent to over 1million+ subscribers. However, the paid version offers much more customizations and I recommend using it.

Tool to Extract Text from Images
As an email developer, there are going to be many situations when you will have to write the copy that is in the design to add as an Alt-text. Sometimes it is short and easy but on occasions it can be too much and for a business operating in a Bilingual country like Canada, you may have to do that in another language as well. In such situations you can use tools that pick the copy from an image. Here is one that you can use:

Tool to replace spaces with underscores
I have found this useful in creating tracking aliases. So tracking aliases are required to track how a particular content piece performed in an email. Tracking aliases do not allow spaces. You can use the alt text and add to this tool to generate a copy without any spaces and use it as a tracking alias.

Ampscript Editor is an AMPscript syntax validation and highlighting tool. This application is still in Beta phase but can help you detect problems with opening and closing tags of AMPscript blocks and inline AMPscript; Syntax errors within FOR loops and IF/ELSE statements; and Syntax errors within AMPscript function and setting variables.

Awesome icons
A curated list of awesome Web (font, svg, whatever) Icons for use in your email code.

Awesome emails
A list of resources to build better emails

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Developer Tools Chrome Extension
This is an extension of Google Chrome developer tools and includes following features – Gathering instance information, Exposing Publication List Ids, Exposing Journey Builder Activity Keys, Displaying DataExtension details, Displaying Journey details and Exposing more detailed error messages.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Video Resources
This is a very comprehensive collection of video resources across various topics in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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