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6 Reasons Why You Should Switch from HTTP to HTTPS Today

HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the secured version of a website. Before 2014, there was no distinction between HTTP and HTTPS, however, new norms from Google classified the existing websites into two different forms, secure and insecure. From the SEO standpoint, there are several reasons why one should shift from HTTP to HTTPS version of their websites. Here are 6 of those reasons.

Website Ranking
HTTPS websites are often ranked higher than HTTP websites. So, if you want your website to receive enough recognition on the internet, you need to lay equal emphasis on HTTPS conversion as well as SEO. Focusing just on SEO does increase the chances of appearing higher on organic search results, but Google will still place you at a lower ranking due to the insecure mode of the website.

With an HTTPS connection, you effectively reaffirm the faith of your website’s audience by saying that all the information they share with you is confidential and encrypted.

Triple Layer of Data Protection
There are 3 major layers of data protection for an HTTPS site over an HTTP one. Firstly, the data exchanged between the audience and the website is completely encrypted. This way, no hacker can misuse your data. Secondly, the website is safe from the chances of data modification. Therefore, no person can modify the existing data on the website without the right set of permissions from the developer. Thirdly, authentication helps the website recognize each individual as differently without stealing any personal information.

Removing the Additional Layer of Confirmation
If you are using Google Chrome, you will often come across websites with an additional layer of protection. The page will say that your connection is insecure. Most people will take this warning seriously and not visit your website. This way you can lose a large amount of audience in a very short period. When you are relying on organic search as your primary means of attracting an audience, you cannot afford to lose it like this.

Easy Referral Data and Link Building
It is significantly easier for a website to generate backlinks to other websites on an HTTPS certification. In case your website is not secured, the other websites will not willingly give you backlinks and put their faith in you.

Removal of Inconvenient Redirects
With HTTPS websites, the number of redirects is reduced significantly. Therefore, you can easily make sure that the audience’s browsing experience is secured and fluid.

Faster Website Loading
The homepage and the landing page of your website will receive a significant amount of boost due to conversion to the HTTPS format. Since you don’t have to deal with an additional layer of security by the browser, it is easy for the website homepage to load in the first attempt.

With so many benefits and nothing to lose, it is wise to shift to HTTPS today. A professional web developer can help your website migrate into a newer and more secure HTTPS format within a few weeks.

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